What is a directioner

And all their little things….



Now.. like we have ethnicities, one direction gave their fans.. aka us. The name directioners, it is the name of our people, our group.

Its how we differentiate between all the other fandoms.

A directioner is a person who LOVES ❤ one d majorly.. who finds happiness in seeing the boys happy.. who just basically loves them for them and their utter cuteness.

Us directioners.. we know each and every song by one direction in and out.. when we hear the word direction we shout one direction.. when anyone says best song ever we scream out.. “and we danced all night to the best song ever..”

When we see the videos of the guys we become trapped in our secret one d imagination..when we see pictures we feel some kind of buzz of joy 🙂

In our spare time we write fanfictions.. we draw and make fan art… it is impossible to not have our posters of the gang and all their merchandise!!!

All our love… for them… we love them

We are one directions DIRECTIONERS

Love sareena xxx


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