Why i am a Directioner <3

And all their little things… ❤



So in this post I wanted to tell the world WHY I AM A DIRECTIONER ❤

To be honest I was not always a directioner and this is why I can explain EXACTLY why I converted. I about 4 years ago was a hard-core BELIEBER : D… I know I know, WHAT??!!! well yeah I was, I was com-per-lately obsessed with bieber and I actually HATED one direction and I can’t believe how dumb I was. Now, my sister and my cousin Michelle LOVED ❤ one d and whenever I went to Manchester to stay with michelle or she came here we would argue who’s was better and say SHITE about each others musicians 😦 I know… so stupid!!

But.. eventually mr. Bieber kept doing bad things and started dying out in the affection of his beliebers and I being a belieber started to lose my fondness. when Michelle found out she made it her goal to make me a directioner ❤ and it worked!!

4 years ago I became a directioner and I still am proud!!! here’s why:

One direction did/ have not let fame hit them.. they’re still the same fun-loving guys with amazing catchy tunes with super cool videos. they don’t swear and are rude, they are complete gentlemen and I LOVE THAT!! Their bond as a group is so majorly commendable.. they understand each other soo well and think of each other as brothers!! When they are together they are sooo cute and live! They play pranks and in general make me SOOO happy!! I watch their funny moments videos and interviews and live performances and never fail to laugh/smile!! they bring a smile to my face!! 😀

Their swag is adorable and the fandom is soo nice and welcoming.. we all get on so well shipping our fave duo in the band.. like mine is zarry!!! ZARRY FOR EVER!!

Not only their personalities but their songs also give me the exact feeling and to be honest their songs are basically all there perfections summed up..

They are genuine and lovely and care sooo much about us!!!

I start and end my day with them.. whether its listening to their songs or reading/writing fan fiction or just goggling at their pics.. they have become a part of my life.. my goal everyday is to spread the one d ❤ love 🙂

now that zayn has left it doesn’t mean we have to break away.. we support our former band mate aswell as one direction.. some one asks me “so do you like 1d better or zayn?” I answer “i like one d and zayn.. same thing!!”

These are the reasons I am a DIRECTIONER ❤ and will always continue to be…




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  1. Audra Kostic says:

    Reblogged this on Passionate About Music and commented:
    Awe 🙂

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    1. allofmebeauty says:

      Why thank you sooo much.. u see one direction are my idols and I love them sooo much.. so I want people to be aware of 1d. .. thanks a billion..

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    2. allofmebeauty says:

      Hey again… would you mind recommending my blog to people that like music and one direction.. I feel making it was a fail.. its not very active.. dya havr any tips
      I followed
      Sareena x

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      1. Audra Kostic says:

        I think it helps to connect with other bloggers who feel the same way…this is why I reblog all the 1D posts I see 🙂
        I’ve been doing this for 2 years now, it takes time.

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      2. allofmebeauty says:

        ok thank u!!!

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