The group: ZAYN <3

and all their little things… ❤



So. we’ve accomplished HARRY ❤ so I thought id do ZAYN ❤ for this post… can I just say we have the same earrings.. I have a hoop and stud too now!! so here’s the basics you need to know for ZAYN:

  • Zayns full name is: ZAYN JAWAAD MALIK ❤
  • He is currently 23 years old 😀
  • His birthday is on the 12th January
  • He was born in 1993
  • He has 3 sisters no brother.. safaa malik/ waliyha malik/ doniya malik
  • He was brought up in Bradford.
  • His parents are Trisha and Yaser Malik!!
  • He is from the Muslim faith and is a English- Pakistani descent.
  • He also likes TATTOOS!!
  • Has a mega crush on Megan fox (actor)
  • His fave colours are blue and red
  • He is no longer part of 1d

sooo.. here are the basic facts you need to know about ZAYN MALIK ❤ (originally spelt Zain)

AWW 😀 I miss the old memories but ya know!! 😕 we cant get everything

does it ever drive you crazy? 😕 just how fast the night changes? 😀



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