and all their little things… ❤


sooo, you guys have met the band now and our last member is NIALL HORAN! so these are your got to know facts about him <3:

  • His full name is NIALL JAMES HORAN!! (yes him and liam have the same middle names <3)
  • He is currently 22 years old.. 🙂 like liam but this yr is hitting 23
  • His birthday is on the 13th September ❤ 🙂
  • He was born in 1993.
  • He has one brother: GREG HORAN
  • Niall is a natural brunette but dies his hair blonde!! 😀
  • He was brought up in Mullingar- republic of Ireland
  • His parents are Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher
  • He is the only member that HAS NOOO TATTOOS ❤ because he is scared of needles 🙂
  • His favourite colour is GREEN 😀 and he also likes blue!!

That’s all the boys DONE!!

so we now know the boys inside out and are walking DIRECTIONARIES (directioner dictionary) ❤

does it ever drive you crazy? just how fast the night changes… 🙂

sareena xxx



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